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The Darkness of Light

Stepping into sun

Its warmth leaves fingers cold

Rays upon your face

Just make you feel so old


Breeze a gentle comfort

Ravages the soul

And the blue of sky

Staring, black as coal


Islands made of clouds

Make faces that haunt the mind

And under shade of Oak

Happiness goes blind


Bathed in moons rich glow

Terrors of the night

Stars that twinkle brightly

You can feel the devil bite


Compliments of friends

Taken as damnation

Invites to the party

Run to find salvation


For some light does not shine

Although it’s plain to see

For some it is but pleasure

But what of you and me

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Shadows of Fate

I saw a shadow today

It was mine, bent at the knees

Head in hands

And silhouetted tears caught the breeze


My shadow remained in place as I went upon my way

I sat on a bench and watched

A shadowed heart fell to the ground

Shattering into a jigsaw, pieces yet untouched


A woman sat by my side, empty branch within her hand

Her shadow appeared too, it was just the same as mine

A brief glance was enough

Two hearts broken floating aimlessly in time


Our hands met in comfort

A shared pain, no words to command

As we cried, the shadows’ tears ran dry

And each shattered heart rose

And fell in the others’ shadowed hand


The shadows straightened, with shared hearts they embraced

Pain of the past entwined

A oneness shared

Two souls bared


I rose from the bench, mind entranced

And with the woman’s hand in mine

I asked. ‘Walk with me into the sun’

Aware that just behind us our healing shadows danced

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This Poem Makes No Sense

This Poem Makes No Sense


The streets seem dark tonight

Cars and moonlight have not appeared

Is this the moment

I have always feared


Hazy head and shoeless feet

Paper bag weighing slightly less

I feel like I’ve trod on angels

Window reflect I am a mess


The puddles all seem deeper

Stale food moves all on its own

The stubble on my chin

Into a beard has grown


It feels so strange

But I feel so much at peace

My body isn’t shaking

And nothing dark is falling from the trees


I’m confused at the mixed imagery

I should be abhorred but I feel love

Oh my God, stomach splits

And out of it flies a dove


Am I hallucinating

Am I tucked up in my bed

Am I really walking

With demons in my head


They said some day it would happen

Reality and mind would merge

That I would cross the line

No longer on the verge


Surely not the madness

I have avoided all these years

Is finally upon me

And if I cry for help it will only be me that hears


Or just another nightmare

The ones that come at day

When I least expect them

And my kids want me to play


Who knows what madness is

The mad cannot explain

For their words are forsaken

Less important than scanned images of brain

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April 4, 2013 · 10:38 pm

The kiss


Shadows dance around me

Echoes of your voice

You are now pain free

To let you go I had no choice


I’ll place a kiss upon your eyes

And hope that light you find

But I know no matter how I try

Without you I am blind


I’ll place kiss upon your hand

Like the day when we first met

When I stopped being a one man band

And we became a set


I shall go now, into the abyss

But to leave I know not how

I’ll place upon your lips a gentle kiss

That will have to do for now

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April 2, 2013 · 9:51 pm

I can’t say I love you


You look into my eyes

I know the words you need

But no matter how I try

I have to leave your heart to bleed

Demons offer cloud

Pain inside my mind

When I try to speak out loud

Words of love go blind

But take my hand and I will lead you

To fields of peace and calm

I’ll carry your darkness for you

And protect you from any harm

I’ll listen when you tell me

Of your fears and of your needs

With me you’ll smile daily

If mind needs flowers I will plant the seeds

I’ll write pictures only you can see

Your name on every heart beat

I’ll set your imagination free

I will help you be all that you can be

Just because I can’t say the words out loud

Doesn’t mean you are not the world to me

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April 2, 2013 · 9:48 pm



Embark on a spirit journey with the wolf, the lonely guide of the soul. Stalk the shadows of solitude, the cavernous emptiness within a man who has lost his love. Discover, in these depths, the bittersweet lake of memories and regrets, a reflecting pool of the past showing with painful clarity things that once were and never will be again. Loss is what drives the wolf to howl at the night, in the hopes that somewhere out there, someone precious to it will hear its cry. Steve Ellis’’ soulful compositions are windows into the heart that will take readers intotheBlue.

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April 2, 2013 · 9:44 pm