I was born in Enfield, Greater London, in 1963 and moved to Welwyn Garden City in 1965 where I lived until 1988. I have since lived in Ealing, Southall, Hanwell, Brighton and Chesham. I currently reside in Hemel Hempstead. Jobs have included car washer, cleaner, dog’s body in a fish and chip shop, baker and road worker. However, for the last eighteen years I have worked as an accountant. I’m still not sure how that happened. I have always had a love of the written word and have dreamed of having my own book on my bookshelf. Many attempts at writing a book have failed as I was unable to get my point across. Due to a culmination of events over the last year or so, I seemed to have found my niche – just write what you feel, even if it does sound crazy. What is madness anyway?

My book, intotheBlue is simply my thoughts in words. One day it may even be classed as poetry. I’ll leave you to decide. Some of the poems are based on my life events and I feel that others too have similar feelings and thoughts and they may recognise something of themselves within them. You never know, one of you may find inspiration in them. Interpret them as you see fit. I have often been accused of walking the thin line of sanity, whatever that is, and this is just my way of seeing things. I hope you will enjoy your journey into the Blue and, if you happen to shed a tear, don’t worry, you are not alone.

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