This Poem Makes No Sense

This Poem Makes No Sense


The streets seem dark tonight

Cars and moonlight have not appeared

Is this the moment

I have always feared


Hazy head and shoeless feet

Paper bag weighing slightly less

I feel like I’ve trod on angels

Window reflect I am a mess


The puddles all seem deeper

Stale food moves all on its own

The stubble on my chin

Into a beard has grown


It feels so strange

But I feel so much at peace

My body isn’t shaking

And nothing dark is falling from the trees


I’m confused at the mixed imagery

I should be abhorred but I feel love

Oh my God, stomach splits

And out of it flies a dove


Am I hallucinating

Am I tucked up in my bed

Am I really walking

With demons in my head


They said some day it would happen

Reality and mind would merge

That I would cross the line

No longer on the verge


Surely not the madness

I have avoided all these years

Is finally upon me

And if I cry for help it will only be me that hears


Or just another nightmare

The ones that come at day

When I least expect them

And my kids want me to play


Who knows what madness is

The mad cannot explain

For their words are forsaken

Less important than scanned images of brain


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April 4, 2013 · 10:38 pm

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